Do I have to take part? No

What will happen if I take part?

  • You will get allocated to one of the two web-based anxiety treatments for the first 6 weeks

  • We will guide you over the telephone

  • After 6 weeks we would like you to continue using the website regularly for another 10 weeks

  • At around 20 weeks we will email you a simple final follow-up survey 

  • If you wish to, you can have access to the website given the other group for another 10 weeks (optional)

What are the web-based treatments?​

The TASK web-based treatments include the following:

  • Learning ways to overcome your anxiety after stroke/ 'mini-stroke'

  • Relaxation techniques

  • A simple online task each week

  • Therapeutic videos

  • Text reminders and participant diary card

  • Links to useful stroke resources and websites

Do these treatments work?​

  • Similar treatments work in people without a stroke

  • We want to know if they also work for people after stroke and TIA

  • We hope you will find them helpful

  • Your participation helps improve future treatments for other people

Are there any risks to taking part?

  • Some people may find it stressful to think about things that worry them

  • We hope this will settle with our treatments over time

  • Contact us if you need to speak to someone about this

  • Occasionally, we may have to inform the participant's GP to arrange treatment if the anxiety or depression is severe

What data do you collect? 

  • Your contact details and some background information about you

  • Your answers to our online surveys on anxiety, mood, & quality of life

  • There are three surveys: (1) at the start of the study (2) at midpoint, and (3) at final follow-up at 20 weeks

  • You will receive an email and text reminder for each survey

How important is it that I complete these online surveys?

  • Very important

  • Your answers are the only way for us to draw meaningful conclusions about these treatments

  • Without your data (your answers) we will not be able to improve future treatments for other patients

How will you keep my personal information confidential?

  • We do not share your personal details with anyone outside the TASK research team

  • All your personal data are stored securely at the University of Edinburgh (click here for technical information)

Will you inform my GP?

  • We will write to your GP to let him/her know you are taking part in the TASK study

  • We may contact your GP to confirm your diagnosis of stroke/TIA

(only if we are unable to confirm it using hospital records)

What happens to audio-recording of my telephone session?

  • We use a digital recorder to record our telephone session

  • This is so that we can monitor the quality of the telephone guidance 

  • We transcribe anonymously the audio-recording into a written format 

  • Transcripts do not contain any personal details

  • Any audio-recording is immediately erased after transcription

Has this study been reviewed by a research ethics committee?​

  • The South East Scotland Research Ethics Committee has reviewed this study and given a favourable opinion (17/SS/0143)


Invitation to wear an 'activity monitor' (optional) during the TASK study

  • We invite you to consider wearing our 'activity monitor' on your wrist during the TASK study


The monitor measures movement, sleep, light & temperature​

  • We can give you a report on your activity and sleep at the end of the TASK study

  • No personal details are stored on the device

  • Wear it for as long as you can, and as continuously as you can

  • You can remove it for shower, bath or whenever you feel you need to

  • Very rarely people can get skin irritation wearing a device like this

    • If this happens, remove it immediately and contact the TASK research team

  • We will arrange postal delivery and collection of the 'activity monitor' 

Contact the TASK research team if you wish to find out more about any aspects of the TASK study


How to sign up to the TASK study?

  • Please complete our  secure online 'Sign up & consent form' 

  • The TASK research team will contact you by telephone to confirm your eligibility and details within 5 working days

Can I change my mind after signing the consent form?

  • Yes

  • Taking part in the TASK study is entirely voluntary

  • You can withdraw from the study any time, without giving any reason

  • We would encourage you to complete our online surveys even if you haven't received the TASK treatments

  • Withdrawing from the TASK study will not affect the standards of  treatment you receive from the National Health Service

Concerns or complaints about the TASK study?

  • Please contact members of the TASK research team, we will try to resolve your concerns

  • If you want to contact someone who is independent and not part of the TASK research team you can contact: Dr Fergus Doubal (Consultant stroke doctor) (Tel: 0131 465 9602)

  • Or contact Patient Experience Team, NHS Lothian, 2nd Floor, Waverly Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG (Tel: 0131 536 3370)